01. Her grandfather is a very [solemn] man who almost never smiles.
02. The Veterans' Day ceremonies were a very [solemn] occasion.
03. The guests watched [solemnly] as the funeral procession began.
04. Brock made a [solemn] promise to his girlfriend that he would never cheat on her again.
05. The cloudy weather mirrored the [solemnity] of the memorial service.
06. The little boy looked very [solemn] as he watched the other children leaving for the class camping trip without him.
07. I [solemnly] swear to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
08. George Will once suggested that childhood is frequently a [solemn] business for those inside it.
09. The young man left the principal's office with a very [solemn] look on his face after finding out his application for college had been turned down.
10. The ceremonies held on Veterans' Day are [solemn] occasions which serve to honor those who have died fighting for our country.
11. The family walked [solemnly] towards the grave where their father was to be buried.
12. The most [solemn] of Jewish holidays in Yom Kippur.
13. The crowd was very [solemn] at the ceremony to remember those lost in the ferry disaster.
14. I hope that my funeral will be a celebration of life for those who remember me, rather than a [solemn] occasion.
15. Venetian music of the 1600s served to glorify the majesty of state and church on both [solemn] and festive occasions.

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